Friday, March 29, 2013

Small Update

I haven't been able to post anything lately. I'm not really bogged down by work or anything, I just can't seem to finish my half-baked writings. I suppose I should use the occasional office down time to write instead of just passive mining.

I started with my new job just this month. As liaison officer, I am tasked with inter-office communications between the Climate Change Commission and local partners for Project Climate Twin Phoenix in R-10. It's something new to me, but the work is contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Practice with the guitar has been slow but steady. There hasn't been much improvement compared to the speed at which I learned when I first started, but that's because I hit the barre chord wall. The good thing is that my barre chords don't sound as dead as when I first tried doing them. I'm trying to keep myself from buying another guitar (since it's really unnecessary, just GAS). Maybe I'll just buy mods for Ceres, but it's a bit difficult with the very limited selection in CDO or even Davao.

I also bought a new harmonica! Playing this harp is way more challenging compared to the past ones I've used. The clean and clear sound more than makes up for it though, and I'm actually starting to get used to it. I even bought a holder for simultaneous use with a guitar. Getting addicted to music and music instruments can be a bit addictive, so I better watch my spending.