Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Continuing Couch to 5K

Although I took a break for a week, I restarted the running program today with W3D1. One week of rest was apparently enough for my calves to heal, making running somewhat comfortable again.

I would prefer to jog early in the morning, but the dorm compound's gates open at 5 am. I can't manage to scrunch up my morning schedule enough for me to do the routine and have the time to get ready for my 7 am classes. So I always end up doing C25K late afternoon or early in the evening.

Tonight's weather was not really ideal for running. The rain was considerably persistent and heavy. It even soaked up the school's oval, turning the ground into muddy slush. I'm still rather thankful that the rain did not pair up with strong winds. I felt quite accomplished, having finished the required routine for today even with the seemingly daunting conditions.

Couch to 5K Program Details

Katawa Shoujo C25K - Emi Ibarazaki

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fitocracy Journal

I post most of my minor workout/training updates here:

Refine, Polish - VoidVariable's Journal

Still following the usual schedule ([STR-CARDIO]x3, REST).
So far, I've been able to lose around 4 kg from my first month of retraining.


It's already 12:33 am here, but I still can't find the desire to catch a few hours of needed sleep. Having a friend share his frustrations regarding money and life in general got me thinking. Again.

In situations like this, I tend to reassess all my recent decisions; had they been relevant to my survival here on earth? No matter how much I try to justify them, in the end I admit to myself that being tricked into worldly tendencies is twice as bad when you actually know how to avoid caving in to desire.

Hopefully by the end of summer I'll have a more concrete idea of what I should be aiming for in life. This daunting task may require long periods of meditation and disconnection from desire and temptation.

Well, hopefully I can still get a decent amount of rest.
To end this post, let me share something that pretty much sums up my emotions and state of mind regarding this whole identity, purpose, and materialism dilemma.

Radiohead - No Surprises

Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the reasons why I started training again is because I recently acquired a pokéwalker. It was also the reason why I was so interested in getting myself a copy of HeartGold/SoulSilver way before I managed to get a job.

The step counting function was okay, but I was somewhat disappointed when I found out that the pokémon you take for a stroll can gain only one level per data transfer. Still, I managed to catch a bunch of uncommon pokémon a lot earlier than in the actual game. The dowsing feature was also very nifty.

Since I switched to Pidgey as my party's flyer, I take along Hoothoot for strolls.
So far, I've been able to walk about 140,000 steps with the pokéwalker.

The Pokédex

This coming summer, I'm going to try to memorize the latest edition of the national Pokédex.

Hopefully, I can at least be familiar with the new evolution trees.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to Training

My brother and I started training again some time around the last week of January.

Instead of a weight goal, we'll aim for low body fat percentage. We'll still use the old STR-CARDIO intervals with Sundays assigned as rest days. Workout/routine/schedule synchronization will start this summer.

So far, the results have been more than satisfactory. I managed to lose around 2 kg and I've started to regain my strength and agility from when I was still in college.

We'll have to take it easy if we ever want to be efficient traceurs. We're planning on dedicating one year for trimming down and general fitness. PK training will resume afterwards.

Latest stats (Feb 8 2012):

Weight: 74 kg
Height:  167 cm
Waist:    90.17 cm
Neck:     36.83 cm
% BF:     23%

I'll try to update every month.