Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to Training

My brother and I started training again some time around the last week of January.

Instead of a weight goal, we'll aim for low body fat percentage. We'll still use the old STR-CARDIO intervals with Sundays assigned as rest days. Workout/routine/schedule synchronization will start this summer.

So far, the results have been more than satisfactory. I managed to lose around 2 kg and I've started to regain my strength and agility from when I was still in college.

We'll have to take it easy if we ever want to be efficient traceurs. We're planning on dedicating one year for trimming down and general fitness. PK training will resume afterwards.

Latest stats (Feb 8 2012):

Weight: 74 kg
Height:  167 cm
Waist:    90.17 cm
Neck:     36.83 cm
% BF:     23%

I'll try to update every month. 

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