Monday, February 27, 2012


It's already 12:33 am here, but I still can't find the desire to catch a few hours of needed sleep. Having a friend share his frustrations regarding money and life in general got me thinking. Again.

In situations like this, I tend to reassess all my recent decisions; had they been relevant to my survival here on earth? No matter how much I try to justify them, in the end I admit to myself that being tricked into worldly tendencies is twice as bad when you actually know how to avoid caving in to desire.

Hopefully by the end of summer I'll have a more concrete idea of what I should be aiming for in life. This daunting task may require long periods of meditation and disconnection from desire and temptation.

Well, hopefully I can still get a decent amount of rest.
To end this post, let me share something that pretty much sums up my emotions and state of mind regarding this whole identity, purpose, and materialism dilemma.

Radiohead - No Surprises

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