Monday, November 5, 2012

Nighttime Writing

You know how some people say that you tend to be more creative or have very stimulating thoughts right before you fall asleep? It may not be true for all of us, but it happens to me on most nights.

Something soothing comes from the thought of nighttime rest, helping me give more focus on thinking. My mind seemingly scrambles to deliver new messages like a student trying to frantically beat the deadline on a school project. I used to just let those messages fade away as I enter the realm of dreams. I thought it was too wasteful, so I found a nifty way to record them, all thanks to modern technology. Since it would be too bothersome to write stuff down using the more traditional pen and paper method, I just keep my phone within reach.

Most of these recordings make little to no sense, most likely because of the absence of context. Almost all of them are also riddled with errors, so you're gonna have to deal with it.

Some examples:

"Short stories, incoherent and without purpose. Whimsical compositions crammed into memory. They are to be reviewed or forgotten by an aimless creator."

"It made the great sages look like mindless fools, knowingly seeking out their demise."

"As we drew closer to the end, the beauty of it all was revealed to me."

This one is inspired by my frequent mall walking:

"There I was, making good use of precious time by walking around aimlessly. As what was usual with my trips to the mall, I paid little mind to the events that transpired around my person. When I do try to look around, my eyes fail me and my mind is momentarily subjected to a sense of confused elation. I often make the mistake of falsely identifying blurred profiles as faces of old acquaintances."

"He was thankful that time, in its indifference, allowed his anomalous existence to continue."

"The air was coldest where the bodies did not stir."

"My eyes were dry and I have been made drowsy by the glare of the phone, my makeshift journal."

"I found out that happiness has a shitty aftertaste."

"I won't pin my hopes on something as unlikely to happen as me becoming world overlord."

"- Capo
 - Cotton
 - Oil
 - E. Alcohol
 - Tissue
 - Lighter
 - Book
 - WD-40
 - Butterfly Knife"

On a related note, I find it easier to enter a lucid dream when strong thoughts occupy my mind right before sleeping.

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