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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Written 20th June 2010 -
Title: Finished N. G. Evangelion
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Well, the first time I watched this series I was about five years old. I barely had any idea what the hell was going on, but I guess I kind of liked the mecha designs. Unfortunately the airing of the series was discontinued for reasons unknown. As I was scanning through anime recommendations, I once again stumbled upon Eva. I decided to finish the series.

I was curious about how the series ended up being tagged with Mindf*ck. Throughout the series, I found bits of it, but I thought it wasn't enough to fuss about. I didn't get the feeling I had when I watched FLCL. Eyes wide open, and brain feeling numb. Then came episode 25 and 26. I think all of the mind screw was jam packed into these episodes.

But it left me disappointed. I thought I was going to see some artistic abstract meant to stimulate the mind, but no. For almost every statement made in the last two episodes, I kept thinking (sometimes out loud) "That's already a given." and "I already know that." That was definitely not entertaining. It was a pain watching through the last two episodes, and it kind of ruined the series for me. Inconclusive endings bother me a lot.

Well, I'm going to try the movies, and hopefully it won't be full of mental dialog about self preservation and insecurity.

(Maybe I would've changed my opinion of the series had there been a random fight at the ending. Hehe.)


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