Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Psychonauts Condensed Review

I just finished playing Psychonauts last night and now I've got this lingering sense of pride and achievement. Not only did I get past the final stage, (one of the hardest platforming levels I've ever played) but I completed the entire game using the input I was most familiar with: Keyboard and Mouse. The whole last level actually made me break my refrain-from-raging "oath". I also had to exercise a certain degree of restraint when thoughts of "smash the shit out of your seemingly unresponsive keys" came into mind, since I was playing on my laptop.


  Story        -  8.5
  Gameplay -  9.0
  Graphics   -  9.5
  Audio        -  9.0

I managed to get myself a copy of the game thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle V, and it came along with other great titles such as Bastion and Amnesia: TDD.

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