Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Listen: The Antlers - Burst Apart (2011)

It would be unavoidable to compare Burst Apart from Hospice, the latter being widely known as a great tearjerker. Since this was my first listen, I didn't have a background as to what the lyrics and themes were so I judged the album by its atmosphere. My opinion of this album will most likely change once I get to do a bit more research, since Hospice only managed to repeatedly make me cry after I learned its full story.

The musical presentation of Burst Apart came off as somewhat lighthearted and uplifting. It wasn't as haunting as Hospice, but it had the familiar feeling of melancholy tied to the songs. This song had me "bouncing to the beat" as compared to "swinging and swaying" that I usually do when listening to softer music.

Though it may lack certain elements from their most popular album, The Antlers made Burst Apart with a great atmosphere that clings to you and calls out to your curiosity.

Track Listing:

01) I Don't Want Love
02) French Exit
03) Parentheses
04) No Windows
05) Rolled Together
06) Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
07) Tiptoe
08) Hounds
09) Corsicana
10) Putting The Dog To Sleep

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