Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Endrin 1

The adventurer's footsteps were heavy and slow. "Dragging my feet along like this seems inappropriate for my image." He was a well-built young man. Tall and somewhat severe-looking, he had a strong air of confidence that was never mistaken as arrogance. He found a quiet place to sit under the shade of the town's largest tree. Thoughts raced around his troubled mind, adding to the confusion caused by what happened just a few hours ago.

The young keeper's voice still resounded in his head. "The gray legion has been sent far to the north. They won't be able to march back to the capital in time. By the time they arrive there, Gi would be long gone, leaving nothing but blood and fire in his wake." She would be more attractive if her voice wasn't so haunting.

Contemplating on what this implied, he started inhaling his lunch. The city has been left completely defenseless with the army sent to intercept the bulk of Gi's forces. He thought of everything that was left vulnerable. Women, children, even his favorite pub. He was surprised at how bitter his sandwich tasted.

Endrin liked to think of himself as a freelancer. He took pride in the thought of not being on some leash. But he was smart enough to know the truth. Somebody as powerful as him would need to be monitored, if not downright controlled. The kingdom lets him run around freely, and he lends them a hand whenever it was needed. "Fair enough.", He thought out loud. "At least they don't keep me in an arcane prison like Gi."

Gi wasn't as agreeable as Endrin was. He wasn't too keen on how they were being marked by the kingdom. He wanted to be completely free, but he was sealed away instead. "The irony of the situation may have provided him grim amusement; it would go along well with his seething hatred." Endrin would tell himself.

He never got to fight Gi seriously before. Maybe because both of them tried not to add too much craters to the countryside. He got up and slowly made his way back to the keeper's hall. "I have to hear that soothing voice of hers before I get this thing rolling."

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