Thursday, November 25, 2010


November 21, 2009

It's already been a little over a year. Having my own PC during the past year really made work and play a lot more convenient. I remember quite well the main reason why I wanted my own desktop unit. It was because spending a lot of time goofing off in internet shops also meant spending a lot of money. I actually had to force myself to save money for this unit. It was an abrupt disconnection from the online gaming scene. I even experienced some withdrawal symptoms.

The hardware hardly ever failed on me, save for those times when I accidentally smashed against the PC itself. Since its purchase, I haven't bought any replacement parts or upgrades for this unit (maybe next year). I've also been thinking of getting a laptop, but I'm having second thoughts. I already have a system that is more than capable of handling the tasks I want to do. I'm now more inclined towards the idea of getting my own drum set. I hope the neighbors won't mind.

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