Thursday, November 18, 2010

Need Music

I just finished reading BECK (Manga). Music is one of the main points of this manga, though there is more focus on bands. The story is about an average boy who gets pulled into the world of music seemingly by chance. At first, it was because of some shallow reason that he chose the guitar as his instrument. Later, an unfortunate accident lead him to take learning the guitar more seriously.
While still polishing his skills, he was chosen as the backup vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band BECK. As the story progresses, his skills and personality mature along with the band and its other members. The members manage to pull through trials by determination and patience, and also due to their strong sense of music.

This manga really motivated me to try playing the guitar again. It made me rethink about my viewpoint regarding music. I honestly don't like being a part of performing arts. From what I've seen in this world, people don't criticize, they insult. That's why I've always been reluctant about learning how to play music instruments. I believe that the whole point of learning to play is that you actually get to perform. It would be a waste to keep your skills (if any at all) hidden.
Simply listening to what the artists play is gratifying in its own right, but there seems to be something missing. I was even surprised the first time I actually listened to myself sing. I want to hear my own music.
I'm not in a hurry. I know that skills are learned though lots of practice. Drums, guitar and harmonica. I'm going to use the same training method I use for parkour. One step at a time.

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