Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teaching Job

This news is kind of old, but here goes.

I got hired as a university instructor this semester. Straight out of college. I was hoping to rest for a bit, maybe even help around the house or do something about the family farm.

It was morning when my mother suggested that I visit my relatives here in Kabacan. It was to be a symbol of reconciliation, but I wasn't really keen on travelling ten hours and staying here for three days when I had "stuff I had to finish"*.

When I got here, my three day stay got extended for some reason. That's when a wild opportunity appeared. I used subtle hints that implied "no". Needless to say, it was not very effective.

(I am not a confrontational man. It has it's ups and downs.)

"Oh shit. I was supposed to be taking it easy, now I have to be interviewed for a job", I nervously thought to myself. Then another thing happened that completely caught me off-guard. The interview got rescheduled one day earlier. Good thing a member of the panel was an acquaintance of my father. He helped me relax a bit by talking to me before the interview proper. Thankfully, they must have been able to hear me through the stuttering because I actually got the job.

I was still in a state of disbelief even as the department chairman gave me a tour of the Biology wing. I paid close attention to everything he said, not wanting to mess up my first few weeks.

It's been a good semester, and I've learned a lot of important things. Next semester, I'll try to avoid depressing the students with my philosophies and try to focus more on the class material. It's a good thing I handle Environmental Science Classes. I can include socio/psychological input without veering too far off topic.

[Final Examination October 17-21, 2011]

*Dragon Age: Origins (Rogue Playthrough)

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