Friday, October 21, 2011

We just received our contract termination notices. Hopefully, we'll be able to find reapplication letter templates by tomorrow. I'll be saving the last bit of this semester's pay for future investments.

Target items for next semester:
- 1 TB EHDD (Movies, Anime, and other videos) - WD/Seagate
- 2/3 Formal Black Pants (Uniform)
- 8 GB RAM Upgrade (Laptop)
- Training Pants (Second Pair)
- Radiohead CDs (OK Computer - Top Priority)
- 8 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (PSP/Camera)
- 4 GB Sony Headset MP3 Player (?)

I'd have to spend wisely though, because they're going to include income tax deductions for the second semester's salary.

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