Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Packing up my things here in the boarding house. I've been staying here for about ten months already, but I've only been able to maintain just a little bit of order and cleanliness. Just like my old room in Cagayan de Oro.

Most of the stuff I'll be bringing along for the trip back home are clothes. The trusty duffel bag will hold the heavy crap, mainly the huge-ass books and bulky electronics. Hopefully none of the bag straps will break during the bus ride. Dragging along four heavy bags will be a huge pain.

I'll have to return some of the stuff I borrowed for the past school year; a lot of extra clothes, the bike I've been using, bags, kitchen utensils, and cleaning materials. If we plan things right, one trip to Osias/Katidtuan will suffice. It's a good thing no items were bolted to the walls or the floor.

Last department meeting tomorrow at 8:00am. Election of new department chairperson, among other things.
I have to get up early to finish the preliminary deliveries.

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